Why We Need Clear Scripts

The most important works of our time are put down in writing. We use writing to record, pass on, and glorify God's word. We use writing to pass laws, to make a record of what is right and wrong, and your rulings. Without clear writing, the means of these documents is obscured. An unclear script is open to interpretation, needing a specialist to read and interpret what has been written. Instead, if we establish one form of script that is clear and easy to read, any may read and know God's word and the law. There will no longer need to be an expert to read documents—any man who could read would then be able to know your law without having to ask another.

Another objection to the many scripts presented is that they all use different forms of abbreviations and symbols. This makes it difficult for somebody who is not from that area to know what the symbols mean. The new script should be without this obscuring devices so that all may read a word and know the word.

Alcuin's presentation

Carolingian script

Hierarchy of scripts

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