Merovingian B Minuscule And Beneventan Minuscule Ligatures

Merovingian B Minuscule

The scribe uses ligatures in this example, some of which are quite stylized. The ligature of 'a' and 'd' looks like the 'd' has two open bowls. Letter 'i' can also take on a pendant form when ligatured with other letters, such as 'r-i'.

Beneventan Minuscule

This script has many ligatures. As in Merovingian B Minuscule, letter 'i' can have a pendant form. Letter 'r' leads directly into letter 'e' in 'creauit'. An idiosyncrasy of this hand is the ligature of 'n' leading into 't' in 'cupiunt', creating an upsidedown 't'. The appearance of the script, overall, is very flowing because of the many ligatures throughout.

Comparison of Merovingian B Minuscule and Beneventan Minuscule

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