Merovingian B Minuscule And Beneventan Minuscule Letter Forms

Merovingian B Minuscule

The 'e' sometimes has a tall form, in this case before 't'. Letter 't' sometimes has an additional loop on the left side of the top crossbar, making it look a bit like a lowercase 'a'. The 'a' and 'd' both have open bowls. The 'b' also has an open bowl and looks a bit like a modern lowercase 't' with the bottom curling up. In some cases, 'o' has an additional flourish that makes it look like a 'd'. Letters tilt at an angle frequently, giving the writing a scribbled, shaky look.

Beneventan Minuscule

The letter 'x' has an odd shape with an extended lower left leg. Letter 't' also has an additional loop extending from the left side of the crossbar. Letter 'e' has an additional tail extending from the bottom of the letter. Some letter 'f's lack a crossbar, making them look like an 's'. Letter 'd' has an uncial shape. When ligatured with other letters, the letter 'i' has a pendant form. Unlike Merovingian B Minuscule, the Beneventan Minuscule 'a' has a closed top, but also can have a form that looks like an 'o-c'. However, 'p' can have an open form in this script. Overall, the bottoms of many letters have slightly curved 'feet'.

Comparison of Merovingian B Minuscule and Beneventan Minuscule

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