Merovingian B Minuscule And Beneventan Minuscule Abbreviations

Merovingian B Minuscule

The scribe has abbreviated 'sancti' in 'sanctificetur' as 'sci' using a mark of abbreviation. The scribe also uses an ampersand to abbreviate 'et'.

Beneventan Minuscule

In this example, the scribe uses both 'nr' and 'ner' as abbreviations to 'noster'. As in the Merovingian B Minuscule example, the scribe uses an abbreviation bar to indicate where abbreviation has been done. Another similarity is that they both use the ampersand for 'et'. The abbreviation bar can also look a bit like an 'm' at an angle in some cases. The scribe uses a tilted division sign, 'รท', for 'est'. A 'q' with an added crossbar is used for 'que'.

Comparison of Merovingian B Minuscule and Beneventan Minuscule

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