Luxeuil Minuscule And Irish Minuscule Abbreviations

Luxeuil Minuscule

In this manuscript, a wavy flourish is used to replace 'u' in many words, as well as the letter 'i' in one example. This manuscript also has abbreviations for the Nomina Sacra, here shown as dns.

Irish Minuscule

In this example, an 'h' with a hook attached to the minim is an abbreviation for 'autem'. A 'p' shape with an additional stroke coming off of the loop serves as abbreviation for 'pro'. 'Et' is written as the tironian sign. 'Spiritu' is abbreviated with a line indicating the omission of letters. As in Luxeuil Minuscule, the Nomina Sacra is also abbreviated here.

Comparison of Luxeuil Minuscule and Irish Minuscule

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