Luxeuil Minuscule

Luxeuil Minuscule uses many, many ligatures to the point that the entire text seems to be connected. The letters 'r-i' are written in ligature with 'r' connected to a pendant 'i'. The pendant 'i' is also used in conjunction with 'g'. Letter 'o' is often ligatured with other letters, such as 'c', 'r', 'b', and 's'. When ligatured to other letters, 'd' has an open bowl. Letter 'c' takes on a tall form when ligatured to 't'.

Irish Minuscule

There are few ligatures in this example. One ligature used is 'N-T' where the top crossbar of the 'T' is added to the end of the 'N'.

Comparison of Luxeuil Minuscule and Irish Minuscule

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