Letter Forms

Luxeuil Minuscule

In D-024, the letter 'a' has an open top and looks like two 'c's joined together. The bowl of 'd' can also be open when the letter is written in ligature. The ascenders of some letters are quite tall, especially on 'd', 'b'. and 'l'. The letter 't' has an interesting crossbar that has a closed loop on the left side when the letter is not in ligature. When it is in ligature the left part of the crossbar loops up and over to the next letter. Some letter 'i's have tall ascenders and flourishes. Letter 'i' can also be written as a pendant i when in ligature with 'r'. Letters 'f' and 's' look nearly identical because the crossbar is not pronounced in the 'f'. Letter 'c' sometimes has a tall form when it is in ligature with other letters. Letter 's' has a tall form with a descender.

Irish Minuscule

In D-019, 'a' has a closed top, but 'q' has an open bowl. The bowl on 'd' is closed, but 'd' has both an uncial and semi-uncial form. Also, 'd' often has a flat-topped ascender. In this example, 'g' can look either like a 't' or a 'c' with a descending hook. As opposed to Luxeuil Minuscule, the 'f' is easily distinguished from 's' but a strong medial tongue and a top crossbar.
The letter 'n' has both a lowercase and uppercase form, where in D-024 there is only the lowercase form. As in Luxeuil Minuscule, letter 's' has a tall form, but only a slight descender.

Overall, the letters in Irish Minuscule are clearer to distinguish than in Luxeuil Minuscule. Luxeuil Minuscule has an almost wiry appearance due to its various loops and ligatures. Irish Minuscule has wedge-shaped ascenders and descenders where in Luxeuil Minuscule they are club-shaped.

Comparison of Luxeuil Minuscule and Irish Minuscule

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